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Against All Odds

Against All Odds

$19.95 (DVD)

Genre: Non-fiction, Documentary
Format: DVD

AGAINST ALL ODDS —“ THE QUEST FOR MALTA(Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori)

(It is sweet and honourable to die for your country)

Recently shown on SBS Australia, the Second Siege of Malta is an unprecedented documentary that relates the true and horrifying story of the small Mediterranean island of Malta during the Nazi onslaught.

Before the war started the British had decided to abandon Malta because military experts did not believe it could be successfully defended. From the 11th of June 1940 until the winter of 1942, when ships carrying much-needed supplies fought through enemy blockades to reach the island, the battle of Malta was waged. It was a battle against the Germans and the Italians, against superior numbers, shortage of equipment, isolation, terror and hunger.

Built around intimately told personal stories of survivors and soldiers, this film portrays the story of those people who survived and endured when endurance and survival seemed impossible.

Sitting smack in the middle of the shortest Axis supply route from Sicily to Libya, the island gave the allies the opportunity to choke off the steady flow of reinforcements needed by the Field Marshall Rommel’s dreaded Afrika Korps. In other words, it held the outcome of the war in both the Mediterranean and African theatres. The Germans knew this and were ready to annihilate the island. By April 1942, Malta got the title of the “most bombed place on earth.”

Many of those interviewed have been in the heart of the battle and their pain is raw. Yet with irony, humour, resilience, love, and care they speak of their struggle to live as human beings.

As the film unfolds we also meet with a number of important historians that present the background of this gripping tale.

The Second siege of Malta is an international project with global implications that strikes at the meaning of war.

This film is a witness to those brave civilians who fought a war that wasn’t theirs.

Best War Drama —“ Navy Suppliers Community

Top Documentary Movie Category —“ www.IMDB.com

Best Director David Serge

Best Writer Jean Pierre Magro —“ Independent War Reviewer

Best History Documentary – World Congress Of History Producers

Special Mention – Solid Entertainment

Special Entry – The World Congress Video Tape Library

Selected Entry – Tyneside Cinema

Selected Entry – Haifa International Film Festival

Selected Entry – Thessaloniki Festival