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Extraterrestrial Interference by Shaay

Extraterrestrial Interference by Shaay

$29.95 (mp3)

Author: Shaay
Genre: SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Format: 1 Audio

“What Invasion are you talking about?

Humanity was conquered 35,000 years ago!”

“We’re all just under the brilliantly devised illusion that we have complete freedom….” Charlie Isatai, FLUX: The Journeymen.

We humans have an amazing capacity for not seeing what’s there… to the point where it can be very bad for us. Humans don’t like to change their beliefs; they don’t like to admit that they might be wrong; they feel unstable or insecure when they realize that a fundamental truth they have held all their life is incorrect.

If you question, you’ll begin to see things that will blow your mind.

Pretend for a moment that everything you’ve been taught about the world is wrong, and it is this spurious reality that has held you prisoner. Further, pretend that the world is actually wired in REVERSE. If this were true, what kinds of things would result in you immediately winning your power?

We need to ask ourselves: Who are the elusive Reptilians? When will you know for sure that their agenda for world control has been met? Why do they covertly govern the human race? Why are our foods and water supplies purposefully contaminated with mind-suppressants, like fluoride and aspartame? Have world governments been in collusion with them since the dawn of time? How does the governed system enslave us from the very moment of our waking lives? Are religions and science fabricated to keep us from knowing the truth? But most importantly, what if we were simply genetic constructs engineered to work the Garden of Eden? What if the white light so many claim to see in near death-encounters is little more than a lure attracting souls for re-cycling?

WHAT IF you are about to uncover your true purpose on this Earth?

We know about the abduction phenomena and the attending Grey Beings that have emerged as integral parts of humanity’s history. However, what you don’t know is that the conquering shadow exploits of the more mysterious Reptilian Race known as Draco are even more terrifying than anything the Greys have ever done.

We can prove a war of conquest has raged in the media (for our minds), and underground through subterranean passages, for over a millenia.

Earth – and Man – are the pawns…and it’s about time we all know the Truth.

The Ancient Romans had a saying:
“You want to keep the peace? – be prepared to war.”