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How To Really Make A Film by Michael Garcia

How To Really Make A Film by Michael Garcia

$9.95 (mp3)

Author: Michael Garcia
Genre: Entertainment, Educational
Format: mp3
Length: about 1 hour 17 minutes

In the movie industry, you have only 30 seconds to “pitch” your project, and your “pitch” has little to do with your story-synopsis…

The biggest problem that most filmmakers have is that they don’t know how to
leverage any project into a film that a studio is keen to take onboard.
How To Really Make A Film is the most comprehensive BLUEPRINT and exact PLAN OF
ACTION for making a film available in the market today.


• HOW the all-important first step is the Production Book,• HOW to leverage a film project – any motion picture project in 3 steps,
• WHAT are the conditions that always automatically green-light a project?,
• WHAT are the aspects of DISTRIBUTION CONTRACTS that will
always guarantee a film to get produced?,
• HOW to identify the right private investors (Executive Producers) and
• WHERE you will find them,
• HOW to ensure that every film you make will always make money,
• WHAT will always attract Executive Producers, how it can be done, whilst
Whether you’re shooting a feature film, a TV series, a documentary or short film, you will be given a step by step studio-tour of just how easy it is to turn ideas into financially bankable models.

In this extraordinarily made-simple interview with experienced filmmaker and motion picture distributor, MICHAEL GARCIA, you will discover just how easy it is to make your motion picture bankable, how to attract stars to your film, and just how strategically you can position your film for box-office success.
In the competitive film industry, if you can only get ONE valuable tip for helping you
make your next film, you will be ahead of your competitors.

Thousands of copies sold worldwide, and in its second run, HOW TO REALLY MAKE A FILM is the definitive filmmaker’s handbook to raising money, making your films, and distributing your films so that they return profits to investors every time.


Michael Garcia is a motion picture director, a successful entrepreneur and an international business owner. His credits include:
Memoirs Of A Micro-chipped Man, Big smoke, Strongmen The Movie, The Reckoning, Lost and Buried, Day Of The Bullet, among others.
An authority on the Power of Intent, he is both a published author as well as an innovative film maker.