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MindIgnite Volume 1

Mindignite Volume 1

$19.95 (DVD)

Genre: Science-fiction, Suspense, Drama
Format: DVD
Duration: 90 mins

Pushing the envelope of the imagination, MINDIGNITE is the first TV series to showcase tomorrow’s filmmakers today.

The series centers around unusual and farsighted short story concepts, and innovative storytelling techniques, showcasing the works of established filmmakers, and brilliant emerging short filmmakers from all over the world. Carefully selected from thousands of entries, it’s an exciting compilation of a variety of films from different genres, from action-adventure to horror, from love stories to touching human dramas.

EMBRYO Directed by Mike Goedecke Produced by Kane Roberts

An easily frightened man who can’t even trust his own shadow, Jason Fields is definitely in need of some professional help. When a strange box mysteriously arrives at his doorstep, containing a device with the ability to bring his ideal dream to reality, Jason doesn’t have to think twice. Even if it means putting a few people’s lives at risk, as well as his own…
Starring Orlando Seale, Jennifer Barker and an appearance by Ethan Phillips, best known for his famous role as the alien, Neelix, in the hit TV series, Star Trek: Voyager.

THE DOG Directed by Thomas Care Screenplay by Tony Burgess

A young corporate man survives a freak car accident just outside a small and remote town, a town he has never seen or been to before. Dazed, confused and still bleeding, he is caught in between the town’s bitter and dangerous feud…  One side thinks he is the ‘Peacemaker’ sent to ward off the opposition of angry trigger-happy gun wielders lead by an eccentric priest. Welcome to Bewdley, the place where everything you’ve ever heard about small town horror …is true.
Starring Carl Barlow, Kirsta Teagle and Chris Bickford.

CIRCLE Directed by Whitney Hamilton

Before M.Night Shyamalan came up with his version of alien invaders, Circle shows a different light on the existence of these foetal-like creatures. Are they even real or merely the imagination of a government’s dark and sinister ploy?
The now infamous crop circles have begun yet again in the countryside of an isolated town and investigations need to be underway. A research scientist has just arrived on site but all is not as it seems, as he is constantly disturbed by things that go bump in the night…