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Not only do we search for licensing opportunities within the book industry Acashic has been actively seeking film companies to license book projects – always looking for the best new work for adaptation. Our current aim is to speak to as many film production companies as possible so as to generate new career opportunities and business for our authors.

Some recent successes, include:

Melanie Phillips

Has now co-written two screenplays licensed by a film company:

Love By Prescription by Melanie Phillips - Variant Cover Chasing Tornadoes by Michael Garcia
Love By Prescription (2011)
Visit Official Website
Chasing Tornadoes (2013-2014)
Visit Official Website


Dr Hal Colebatch

His Short Story Recruit has been included as a segment in a feature film being filmed in 2013

Recruit A Cold Batch Of Science Fiction by Hal Colebatch Time Machine by Hal Colebatch Counterstrike by Hal Colebatch
Recruit A Cold Batch Of Science Fiction by Hal Colebatch Time Machine: Troopers .. Counterstrike



His children’s story Marty Kool has been made into a DVD for purchase

The Adventures Of Marty Kool: A Calling To Do Good by Fil. lemma Marty Kool: A Calling To Do Good DVD
.. Visit Official Website Visit Official Website



A 22″ second sequence featuring The Wobbies is being included in a new children’s feature film in 2014

Dung Beetle Disaster by JulieA The Wobbies and The Caterpillars by Julie A The Wobbies Get A Lake by JulieA
Dung Beetle Disaster The Wobbies And The Caterpillars The Wobbies And The Lake


George Garcia

Memoirs of a Micro-chipped Man (feature film) novelisation available here and on Amazon.com

.. Memoirs Of A Microchipped Man by George Garcia .. Memoirs Of A Microchipped Man
Memoirs Of A Microchipped Man Book Memoirs Of A Microchipped Man DVD