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Outta Skull by Jessica Q Fox

Outta Skull by Jessica Q Fox

$24.95 (royal bk)
$4.99 (ebook)

Author: Jessica Q Fox
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Suspense
ISBN: 9781471616945
Format: Paperback
Pages: 190

The thing had eyes like bloodshot saucers, and was staring at me with the malice

Well, there I was, just having finished my lunch in the park with Maureen, my girlfriend, not much looking forward to going back to the office and old man Wehrner, my boss; I was swinging my brief case (it had contained sandwiches, now eaten), humming a silly tune and thinking of work, and absently crossing the road, Moger Avenue in Mount Kisko, New York State, when ZAP!!
I was somewhere else and someone else, with a heavy pole in my hand and a tiger as big as an elephant showing its teeth. I stopped humming the silly tune and stared, fascinated, at the wildest wild animal I had seen in my life. It had its mouth so far open by now, you could almost see out the other end. The sound of distant thunder was the thing working up to a roar, and the smell of rotting garbage was its bad breath. I wouldn’t go that close to it if it was in a zoo with three inch thick steel bars between us.
There were about three yards of scrubby turf between us, and otherwise only very thin air. I didn’t look around— the monster rather drew the attention— but I had the sensation of being in a clearing somewhere wild and uncivilized and full of plants. The thing had eyes like bloodshot saucers, and was staring at me with the malice I associated with old man Wehrner. Old man Wehrner, whatever his faults, didn’t have fangs as long as my arms, nor did he slowly coil up before springing, nor did he thrash his tail. I was all psyched up for old man Wehrner; I just wasn’t ready for this thing which had somehow escaped from a monster movie. I did the best thing possible under the circumstances: with astonishing resource in one who was so totally unprepared, with the most perfect timing, just as the monster launched itself at me, I did the only thing I could have done.
I fainted dead away, out like a light.

All American, clean-cut, caring, sharing, sensitive Peter Scott finds himself in the body of the hero Uy-Rayahn on another world, where all the men dress like Tarzan and all the women like Jane, only more so. A primitive world, where being caring and sensitive doesn’t contribute much to dealing with dire-tigers. Meanwhile, back in Mount Kisko, the hero Uy-Rayahn has to cope with cars, computers and stock-control. Until he abandons a life of slavery and sets out to conquer America, starting with New York City.

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