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Acashic is a publisher and custodian of IP, which may include publications, books, novels, audio recordings, music, film and related soundtracks, trademarks, inventions and their patents, design, architecture and works of art. Using its own proprietary software, Acashic technology both implements international multi-platform buying strategy and online retail mechanisms to generate sales for its clients, and consistently finds opportunities that result in royalties for all IP holders.

Acashic is involved in publishing and inventions design, marketing and distribution.
This is the publishing side.

We are an independent publisher offering complete publishing, fulfillment of sales orders, retail and online distribution services for independent publishing.

Acashic is continually finding sustainable ways of producing books using green-papers and green-technologies.


Acashic books are submitted to most leading booksellers including:

Angus & Robertson, Borders, Collins Booksellers, Dymocks Booksellers, Koorong, Mcgills, Queensland Book Depot, The Co-op Bookshop, Word Bookstores, Unleash Books & Education

United Kingdom
Blackwell’s, Waterstone’s, W H Smith, John Smith & Son, Abella Books

Barnes & Noble, Book Off USA, Books-A-Million, Books Inc., Borders Books and Music, Waldenbooks and Brentano’s, Follett, Hastings Entertainment, Hudson Booksellers (chiefly located at airports and train stations), Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Powell’s Books, Schuler Books & Music, Shakespeare and Co, Textbook Ace

South Africa
CNA, Exclusive Books, Fascination Books, Wordsworth Books, Travellers Bookshop, Clarkes Bookshop, The Bay Bookshop

If your local bookstore doesn’t have any book you’re looking for, please ask them to order from Acashicâ„¢. Thank you.