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The Electric Robotmen Made Me Do It and other sentient science-fiction stories by C Michael Garcia

The Electric Robotmen Made Me Do It by C Michael Garcia

$24.95 (royal bk)
$4.99 (ebook)

Author: Michael Garcia
Genre: Science-fiction, Drama, Suspense
ISBN: 9781291357325
Format: Paperback
Pages: 156


ABDUCTION OF A ROBOT: In a matter of hours the earth will be destroyed. An android has cunningly planned the outright destruction of mankind, only one man and one woman can stop this from happening, but little can they imagine the sheer hypnotic ability of Pol. Beware this one is not for the faint-hearted.

RESTITUTION: In a not too distant future an android returns to wage a war on the Kingpin who incarcerated him in steel. With only a short time remaining before off-worlders collect his body for re-sale, he must convince a woman of inconceivable beauty that he is who he says he is under that robot casing.

IN THE KNOW: Those of exquisite power and limitless income are no longer residents of this world, instead they have chosen identical surrogate aliens to substitute them.

D-KARN!: The word on the internet is that the de-carnalising drug will enable you to peer under the deceptive veil They have sold us all along. Life and all that plays out in front of us is but a hologram projected at us to keep us passive. D-Karn is the drug that enables you to see the farming that has been going on since the age of pyramids.
D-Karn! was the hit of the short film festivals when it was released and now comes back in its original unedited version.

WHY WE’RE THIS CLOSE TO TELEPORTING: Danny Martins is being pushed to the absolute limit of his inner fortitude by forces beyond his understanding. Because inside him is the potential for mankind’s next evolutionary leap. What he doesn’t know is that he has been pre-selected to take his place in the annals of mankind’s Star-Travels.

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