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The Witch And The Engineer by Jessica Q Fox

The Witch And The Engineer by Jessica Q Fox

$24.95 (royal bk)
$4.99 (ebook)

Author: Jessica Q Fox
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Suspense
ISBN: 9781471616372
Format: Paperback
Pages: 322

This is what happens when you turn into a Witch

Arfer flew off, and Alisande ran after him. There was more turning and going down flights of stairs that didn’t seem to make much sense, and then they were impossibly higher up in a different building. Alisande chased after the bird until they were on a balcony that looked over a cliff, down into a green valley, hundreds of metres below. Arfer perched briefly on the rail, turned his head one hundred and eighty degrees to check that she was following, blinked, and then launched himself out into space. Alisande jumped onto the rail, closed her eyes, opened them again, and teetered for a moment, staring down into the sickening drop.

‘What am I doing here?’ she thought with a touch of panic. ‘This isn’t me. I’m a tax officer.’ Then she took a deep breath and dived after him. She went out and down, seeing the scree at the bottom of the cliff with dreadful clarity, the wind snapping her hair straight back. She felt an ugly little goblin of fear raising itself in her insides. What if you’ve forgotten how to fly? it asked her. She smacked it hard on the head. ‘Flying is just continuous translocation,’ she told herself. ‘I’m good at it.’ She raised her arms and focused. ‘Up,’ she told herself. Her fall turned into an arc that rose, and her speed increased as she headed after the brown dot that was Arfer.

Soon she was flying level with him, arms outstretched, the wind tugging at her skirt and hair. It was fun, much better than an aeroplane.
Maybe she wasn’t a tax officer any longer…

This is what happens when you turn into a Witch. Alisande and her engineer boyfriend, Jon, get caught up in the affairs of wizards, some of them kind but rather busy, one of them, the evil Elto, wanting to take over the world. He has five thousand years of practice at being evil, and does it with impressive expertise. He decides to destroy the good guys who are, well, irritatingly good. So Alisande and Jon have to put a stop to his machinations, which involves acquiring some magical skills of their own. Jon, being an engineer has an advantage; Alisande, an accountant who works for the Australian Tax Office has another, and Elto has the huge advantage of thousands of years of honing his evil skills. Will the forces of evil prevail? Or will Elto learn the dreadful consequences of messing with the Australian Tax Office?

And in that case, who are the good guys?

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