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Thought Storm by Peter Sugg

Thought Storm by Peter Sugg

$19.99 (royal bk)
$4.99 (ebook)

Author: Peter Sugg
Genre: Science Fiction, Futuristic
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781326360047
Pages: 332

Imagine if you were like Tommy.
Anything you could dream up or think about you could bring into being. Want the traffic lights to change? Just think it and it is so. Desire the girl? No problem. She is yours.
Don’t like someone? You can make them go away instantly.

And that truly is the way that it is. Tommy discovers that everyone has the power, but somehow everyone has purposefully deluded themselves into a state of sleep. Tommy can’t work out why no one unlocks their power… And then he soon discovers why.

THOUGHT STORM is a tour de force, filled with extraordinary mind-shifting perspectives. Written by Peter Sugg, a man who somehow glanced into the other dimension beyond this one.

THOUGHT, (thot)  1 The act or process of using the mind actively and  deliberately; meditation; cogitation. 2 the product of thinking; an idea,  concept, judgment, opinion, or the like, 3 Intellectual activity of a specific kind. 4 Consideration; attention; heed; to take thought on how to do something. 5 Intention or idea of doing something; plan; design. 6 expectation; anticipation.
STORM, A disturbance of the atmosphere, 2 figuratively, a furious flight or a shower of objects; 3 A violent outburst or Rage; 4 A violent commotion, we speak of agitation of feeling, disturbance of mind, a storm of passion, a tempest of rage.

This is a work of mystical fiction, here there is romance and crime.

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