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The Witch And Robin Hood by Jessica Q Fox

The Witch And Robin Hood by Jessica Q Fox

$24.95 (royal bk)
$4.99 (ebook)

Author: Jessica Q Fox
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Suspense
ISBN: 9781471616907
Format: Paperback
Pages: 287

‘Robin, will you oblige me by taking his head off?

‘Why, my lady Matilda, should you not be abed?’ Sir Guy’ squeaky voice cut through the silence. Marion stopped and looked at him as he came to the door with a mug of wine in his hand. He looked up and down at her and reached out a hand towards her. Facing Marion, he had his back to Robin. Marion slapped his face.

‘Touch me at your peril, whey faced fool,’ Marion told him. She pulled a small dagger from her gown and held it firmly in his face.
‘Oh a girl with spirit,’ Sir Guy chuckled and made a grab at her. Robin took hold of his collar and dragged him back just before Marion could disembowel him. He out a hand over the man’ mouth and bundled him into the empty room.
‘Sorry to spoil your fun, my darling girl, but I do feel a bit old fashioned myself at times. You know, killing men is men’ work, that sort of thing,’ Robin said apologetically.
Sir Guy bit his hand and wriggled free. ‘So, the outlaw has escaped, has he? Well, thou shalt not get very far, my baseborn rogue.’ He drew his sword with a rasp.
‘Robin, will you oblige me by taking his head off? I don’t like it and it doesn’t fit.’ Marion was firm.
‘I would, my love, but he’ got a sword and I haven’t,’ Robin explained. ‘And if I take his off him, I’ll have one and he won’t; it wouldn’t be fair you know.’
‘Oh, men,’ Marion said in exasperation, and hauled a sword from a pair hanging on the wall. She threw it to Robin who caught it dexterously.
Sir Guy looked at Robin who smiled back sunnily.
‘Have at thee varlet,’ Sir Guy snarled and slashed at Robin who parried it easily.
‘Your swordplay needs a bit of work,’ Robin told him, critically. ‘And so, to speak frankly, does your dialogue.’ There was another slash which was intercepted and diverted with a shower of sparks.
‘Look, stop messing around,’ Marion said, exasperated. ‘All this backchat has its place, but not at one in the morning. The noise is going to wake the entire garrison, in another couple of minutes. I want to be out of here.’

Just like in the movies. Only this Robin is one of a hundred centuplets and Alisande is their mother. Sort of. And for screwing up the entire course of History, Alisande is unbeatable. The ‘Oops’ girl strikes again, big-time.

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